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Bedding Plants

G A R D E N  P L A N T S 

Acalypha Firetail

Ageratum AGUILERA Dark Pink

Ageratum AGUILERA Sky Blue

Ageratum AGUILERA Violet

Angelonia ALONIA Bicolor Violet Angelonia ALONIA Big Bicolor Pink Angelonia ALONIA Big Bicolor Purple Angelonia ALONIA Big Blue

Angelonia ALONIA Big Dark Pink Angelonia ALONIA Big Indigo

Angelonia ALONIA Big Snow

Angelonia ALONIA Dark Lavender Angelonia ALONIA Pink Flirt

Angelonia ALONIA Snowball

Angelonia ALONIA Violet

Argyranthemum ANGELIC Burgundy Argyranthemum ANGELIC Giant Pink Argyranthemum ANGELIC Ruby Argyranthemum ANGELIC Snow Argyranthemum ANGELIC Sweets Argyranthemum Everest

Argyranthemum LOLLIES™ Berry Gummy

Argyranthemum LOLLIES™ Buttermint

Argyranthemum LOLLIES™ Marshmallow

Argyranthemum LOLLIES™ Pink Pez Argyranthemum LOLLIES™ White Chocolate

Argyranthemum Maize Imp. Argyranthemum Mars

Argyranthemum Sunny Spring

Artemisia MAKANA™ Silver



Bacopa SCOPIA DOUBLE Snowball Bacopa SCOPIA GREAT Pink Beauty Bacopa SCOPIA GREAT Regal Blue Bacopa SCOPIA GULL. Blue

Bacopa SCOPIA GULL. Blue Sensation Bacopa SCOPIA GULL. Com. Blush

Bacopa SCOPIA GULL. Com. Purple Bacopa SCOPIA GULL. Com. Rosa

Bacopa SCOPIA GULL. Com. White Bacopa SCOPIA GULL. Dynamic White Bacopa SCOPIA GULL. Pink

Bacopa SCOPIA GULL. Pink Heart Imp. Bacopa SCOPIA GULL. Violet Bacopa SCOPIA GULL. White Imp.

Bacopa SCOPIA Golden Leaves White Begonia DOUBLET Pink

Begonia DOUBLET Red

Begonia DOUBLET Rose

Begonia DOUBLET White

Bidens BLAZING Embers

Bidens BLAZING Fire

Bidens BLAZING Glory

Bidens Golden Empire

Bidens Mega Charm

Bidens Pretty in Pink Imp.

Bidens Sunshine Double

Bidens White Delight Imp.

Bidens Yellow Charm

Bidens Yellow Crown

Bidens Yellow Splash

Bidens Yellow Sunshine

Brachyscome BRASCO Violet Brachyscome FRESCO Candy Brachyscome FRESCO Purple Calendula CHEERS Tangerine Calendula CHEERS Yellow Calibrachoa COLIBRI Abstract Guava Calibrachoa COLIBRI Blizzard Calibrachoa COLIBRI Bright Red Calibrachoa COLIBRI Cherry Lace Calibrachoa COLIBRI Dark Lavender Calibrachoa COLIBRI Double Deep Purple

Calibrachoa COLIBRI Exotic Red Bling Calibrachoa COLIBRI Lemon Calibrachoa . COLIBRI Malibu Pink Calibrachoa COLIBRI Mellow Yellow Calibrachoa . COLIBRI Orange Calibrachoa COLIBRI Pink Bling Calibrachoa COLIBRI Pink Flamingo Calibrachoa COLIBRI Pink Lace Calibrachoa COLIBRI Plum Calibrachoa COLIBRI Pure White Calibrachoa COLIBRI Purple Bling Calibrachoa COLIBRI Purple Lace Calibrachoa COLIBRI Yellow Canary Calibrachoa EYECONIC Apricot Calibrachoa EYECONIC Cherry Blossom

Calibrachoa EYECONIC Com. Sunset Calibrachoa EYECONIC Peach Calibrachoa EYECONIC Pink Calibrachoa EYECONIC Purple Calibrachoa EYECONIC Strawberry Calibrachoa LIA Abstract Pink Calibrachoa LIA Blue

Calibrachoa LIA Bubblegum Calibrachoa LIA Cranberry Calibrachoa LIA Dark Red

Calibrachoa LIA Glaze

Calibrachoa LIA Melon

Calibrachoa LIA Yellow Imp. Calibrachoa NOA Almond Blossom Calibrachoa NOA Blue Legend Calibrachoa NOA Dark Pink Carnival

Calibrachoa NOA Mega Magenta Calibrachoa NOA Mega Pink Calibrachoa NOA Snow

Calibrachoa NOA Ultra Purple Calibrachoa NOA Yellow

Calibrachoa OMBRE Blue

Calibrachoa OMBRE Blush Calibrachoa OMBRE Pink

Calibrachoa OMBRE Sunrise Calibrachoa OMBRE Yellow

Celosia KELOS FIRE Orange

Celosia KELOS FIRE Pink

Celosia KELOS FIRE Purple

Celosia KELOS FIRE Red

Celosia KELOS FIRE Scarlet

Celosia KELOS FIRE Yellow

Cleome CLIO Magenta

Cleome CLIO Pink Lady

Coleus Burgundy Wedding Train Coleus Nova Roly Poly

Coleus PARTY TIME Pink Fizz

Coleus PARTY TIME Ruby Punch Coleus FLYING CARPET™ 'Shocker' Coleus TERRA NOVA® 'Electric Slide' Coleus TERRA NOVA® 'Marrakesh' Coleus TERRA NOVA® 'Scarlet Ibis' Coleus TERRA NOVA® Monkey Puzzle Coleus TERRA NOVA® Peach Julep Coleus WILDFIRE™ 'Blaze'

Coleus WILDFIRE™ 'Flicker'

Coleus WILDFIRE™ 'Smoky Rose' Craspedia GOLF Beauty Imp.

Cuphea Allyson Lavender

Cuphea CUBANO Cristo

Cuphea CUBANO Fuente

Cuphea CUPID Purple Improved Cuphea CUPID White Improved Dahlia DARLIN' Burgundy Lace

Dahlia DARLIN' Orange Flare

Dahlia DARLIN' Radiant Pink

Dahlia DARLIN' Ruby

Dahlia DARLIN' Salmon

Dahlia DARLIN' Vintage Rose

Dahlia DARLIN' White

Dahlia DARLIN' Yellow

Diascia GENTA Classic White

Diascia GENTA Giant Pink Imp. Diascia TRINITY Sunset

Euphorbia DIWALI Shower

Evolvulus Hawaiin Blue Eyes

Felicia FELICITY Blue


Colibri Pink Flamingo

Colibri-Yellow-Canary-Square (1).png

Colibri Yellow Canary


Impatiens Raspberry Cream


Impatiens Spicy Peach


Fleurizon works with farms all over the world to bring you the best options and colors for your spring
and summer programs no matter what your need is for bedding plants we have you covered!

Ageratum Aguilera Violet

Fuchsia CORABELLS Dark Eyes

Fuchsia CORABELLS Red White

Fuchsia CORABELLS Rose Purple

Fuchsia Dark Eyes

Fuchsia Dollar Princess

Gomphrena PINBALL Purple

Helianthus SUNBELIEVABLE Brown Eyed Girl Helichrysum White Licorice

Impatiens HARMONY Apricot Cream Impatiens HARMONY Bicolor Red Impatiens HARMONY Blush

Impatiens HARMONY Bold Red

Impatiens HARMONY Bubblegum Impatiens HARMONY COLOR Dark Leaf Red

Impatiens HARMONY COLOR. Fuchsia Impatiens HARMONY COLOR. Light Coral Impatiens HARMONY COLOR. Neon Red Impatiens HARMONY COLOR. Orange Impatiens HARMONY COLOR. Passion Impatiens HARMONY COLOR. Pink Impatiens HARMONY COLOR. White Impatiens HARMONY Candy Cream Impatiens HARMONY Dark Lavender Impatiens HARMONY Dark Lilac

Impatiens HARMONY Dark Pink

Impatiens HARMONY Dark Red

Impatiens HARMONY Dark Violet Impatiens HARMONY Deep Red

Impatiens HARMONY Deep Salmon Impatiens HARMONY Fire

Impatiens HARMONY Fuchsia Cream Impatiens HARMONY Magenta

Impatiens HARMONY Marshmallow Cream

Impatiens HARMONY Orange Blaze Impatiens HARMONY Orange Star Impatiens HARMONY Pastel Lavender Impatiens HARMONY Pink Cream Impatiens HARMONY Pink Smile

Impatiens HARMONY Purple Cream Impatiens HARMONY RADIANCE Hot Pink

Impatiens HARMONY RADIANCE Lilac Impatiens HARMONY RADIANCE Scarlet Impatiens HARMONY Raspberry Cream Impatiens HARMONY Red Cardinal Impatiens HARMONY SWEETHEART Orange

Impatiens HARMONY SWEETHEART Rose Impaetins HARMONY Salmon Cream Impatiens HARMONY Snow

Impatiens HARMONY Tangerine

Impatiens HARMONY Violet

Impatiens SOL-LUNA Blus

Impatiens SOL-LUNA Candy Apple Impatiens SOL-LUNA Dark Lavender Impatiens SOL-LUNA Electric Pink Impatiens SOL-LUNA Lilac

Impatiens SOL-LUNA Pink

Impatiens SOL-LUNA Red

Impatiens SOL-LUNA Tropical Punch Impatiens SOL-LUNA Ultra Violet Impatiens SOL-LUNA White

Impatiens STRIKE Plum

Impatiens COMPACT Blush Pink Impatiens COMPACT Classic White Impatiens COMPACT Coral Pink Impatiens COMPACT Deep Red Impatiens COMPACT Deep Rose Impatiens COMPACT Electric Orange Impatiens COMPACT Hot Coral Impatiens COMPACT Hot Pink Impatiens COMPACT Lavender Splash Impatiens COMPACT Lilac Imp. Impatiens COMPACT Orange Impatiens COMPACT Orchid Blush Impatiens COMPACT Purple Impatiens COMPACT Purple Candy Impatiens COMPACT Red

Impatiens COMPACT Rose Glow Impatiens COMPACT Tropical Rose Impatiens VIGOR Lavender Splash Impatiens VIGOR Orange Imp. Impatiens VIGOR Orchid

Impatiens VIGOR Peach Candy Impatiens VIGOR Pink Kiss

Impatiens VIGOR Pretty Pink Impatiens VIGOR Red

Impatiens VIGOR Rose Pink

Impatiens VIGOR Sweetheart White Impatiens VIGOR Tropical Orange Imp.

Impatiens VIGOR Tropical Salmon Impatiens VIGOR Tropical White Impatiens VIGOR White Imp. Impatiens HARM Compact Lavender Impatiens HARM Deep Orange Impatiens HARM Deep Pink

Impatiens HARM Magenta

Impatiens HARM Purple

Impatiens HARM Red

Impatiens HARM Violet

Impatiens HARM White

Impatiens MUSICA Bicolor Pink Impatiens MUSICA Bicolor Cherry Impatiens MUSICA Bicolor Dark Red Impatiens MUSICA Electric Purple Impatiens MUSICA Elegant Red

Impatiens MUSICA Lavender Impatiens MUSICA Orange

Impatiens MUSICA Pink Aroma Impatiens MUSICA Pure White Lantana GEM COMP. Orange Fire Lantana GEM COMP. Pink Opal Lantana GEM COMP. Rose Quartz Lantana GEM COMP. White Sapphire Lantana GEM COMP. Yellow Diamond Lantana GEM COMP. Yellow Topaz Lantana GEM Citrine

Lantana GEM Diva Pink

Lantana GEM Gold

Lantana GEM Ruby

Lantana Hybrid New Gold

Lavandula LAVEANNA Grand Purple Lavandula LAVEANNA Purple Lavandula LAVEANNA Violet Lavandula LAVEANNA White Frost Lobelia erinus ANABEL Blue Hope Lobelia erinus ANABEL Brilliant Blue Lobelia erinus ANABEL Snow White Lobelia erinus GLOW Electric Blue Lobelia erinus GLOW Lightning Lobularia STREAM Champagne Lobularia STREAM Lavender

Lobularia STREAM Purple Imp. Lobularia STREAM Raspberry Lobularia STREAM Silver

Lobularia STREAM Violet

Lobularia STREAM White

Lysimachia Goldi

Mecardonia Garden Freckles

Mimulus spp MAI TAI™ Orange Mimulus spp MAI TAI™ Red

Nemesia NESIA Banana Swirl

Nemesia NESIA Bananaberry

Nemesia NESIA Burgundy

Nemesia NESIA Dark Blue

Nemesia NESIA Denim


Imp. Musica Red


Impatiens Harmony Orange Blaze


Colibri Malibu Pink


Scopia Gulliver Blue


Calibrachoa Colibri Exotic Red Bling

Nemesia NESIA Inca

Nemesia NESIA Magenta

Nemesia NESIA Snow Angel

Nemesia NESIA Sunshine

Nemesia NESIA Tropical

Nemesia NESIA Tutti Frutti

Osteospermum OSTICA Amethyst Osteospermum OSTICA Bronze Osteospermum OSTICA Burgundy Osteospermum OSTICA Glamour Osteospermum OSTICA Mega Pink Osteospermum OSTICA Midnight Osteospermum OSTICADE Daybreak Osteospermum OSTICADE Pink Osteospermum OSTICADE Pure White Osteospermum OSTICADE Purple Osteospermum OSTICADE Vintage Pink Osteospermum OSTICADE Yellow Pericallis PRIMAVERA Blueberry

Pericallis PRIMAVERA Denim

Pericallis PRIMAVERA Fuchsia

Pericallis PRIMAVERA Navy Blue

Pericallis PRIMAVERA Violet

Petchoa SUPERCAL Blue

Petchoa SUPERCAL Cherry Improved Petchoa SUPERCAL Lavender Star

Petchoa SUPERCAL Light Yellow

Petchoa SUPERCAL Pink Imp.

Petchoa SUPERCAL Bordeaux

Petchoa SUPERCAL Caramel Yellow Petchoa SUPERCAL Cinnamon

Petchoa SUPERCAL French Vanilla

Petchoa SUPERCAL Pearl White

Petchoa SUPERCAL Purple Dawn

Petchoa SUPERCAL Sunray Pink

Petchoa SUPERCAL Sunset Orange Petchoa SUPERCAL Yellow Sun

Petchoa SUPERCAL Rose

Petchoa SUPERCAL Royal Red

Petchoa SUPERCAL Snowberry White Petunia AMORE Fiesta

Petunia AMORE Fluttering Heart

Petunia AMORE Heart & Soul

Petunia AMORE King of Hearts


Petunia AMORE Purple

Petunia AMORE Queen Of Hearts

Petunia CAPELLA Baby Pink

Petunia CAPELLA Burgundy

Petunia CAPELLA Cherry Vanilla

Petunia CAPELLA Coral

Petunia CAPELLA Hello Yellow

Petunia CAPELLA Indigo Imp

Petunia CAPELLA Mulberry


Craspedia GOLF Beauty


Alonia Dark Lavender

Angelonia ALONIA™ SNOWBALL.jpg

Alonia Big Snow

Petunia CAPELLA Neon Pink

Petunia CAPELLA Pink Lace

Petunia CAPELLA Purple

Petunia CAPELLA Purple Veins

Petunia CAPELLA Rose

Petunia CAPELLA Ruby Red Imp. Petunia CAPELLA Salmon

Petunia CAPELLA Sangria

Petunia CAPELLA White Imp.

Petunia CASCADIAS Autumn Mystery

Petunia CASCADIAS Bicolor Cabernet Petunia CASCADIAS Chili Red

Petunia CASCADIAS Fantasy Hot Pink Petunia CASCADIAS Fuchsia

Petunia CASCADIAS Hint of Lime Petunia CASCADIAS Iceberg

Petunia CASCADIAS Indian Summer Petunia CASCADIAS Indigo

Petunia CASCADIAS Passion

Petunia CASCADIAS Pitaya

Petunia CASCADIAS Purple Gem Petunia CASCADIAS Purple Ice


Petunia CASCADIAS Rim Cherry Imp. Petunia CASCADIAS Rim Chianti

Petunia CASCADIAS Rim Magenta Petunia CASCADIAS Rim Violet Imp. Petunia LITTLETUNIA Bicolor Illusion Petunia LITTLETUNIA Blue Vein Petunia LITTLETUNIA Bright Red Petunia LITTLETUNIA Buttercream Petunia LITTLETUNIA Pink

Petunia LITTLETUNIA Pink Frills Petunia LITTLETUNIA Pink Splash Petunia LITTLETUNIA Purple Blue Petunia LITTLETUNIA Rose

Petunia LITTLETUNIA Shiraz

Petunia LITTLETUNIA White Grace Petunia RAY Baroque Pink

Petunia RAY Black

Petunia RAY Blue Imp.

Petunia RAY Classic Blue

Petunia RAY Fuchsia

Petunia RAY Pistachio Cream

Petunia RAY Purple Vein

Petunia RAY Red Imp.

Petunia RAY Sunflower Imp.

Petunia RAY Sunshine Imp.

Petunia RAY White


Petunia RED CRPT

PETUNIA Hippy Chick Violet

Petunia RED CRPT

PETUNIA Orchid Frost

Petunia RED CRPT


Petunia SCOOP Berry Brulee

Petunia SCOOP Cherry Gelato

Petunia SCOOP French Vanilla

Petunia SCOOP Lemon Ice

Petunia SCOOP Sweet Punch

Petunia SPLASH DANCE Bolero Blue Petunia SPLASH DANCE Calypso Cherry Petunia SPLASH DANCE Fuchsia Flamenco

Petunia SPLASH DANCE Magenta Mambo

Petunia SPLASH DANCE Moon Walk Petunia SPLASH DANCE Poppin' Pink Petunia SPLASH DANCE Purple Polka Petunia SPLASH DANCE Rumba Rose Petunia SPLASH DANCE Violet Vogue Phlox PHLOXSTAR Magenta



Plectranthus Plectranthus Variegata Plectranthus VELVET™

Plectranthus VELVET™ Diva

Plectranthus VELVET™ Starlet

Portulaca CAMPINO Twist Pink

Portulaca CAMPINO Twist Red

Portulaca MEGA PAZZAZ Dark Pink Portulaca MEGA PAZZAZ Gold

Portulaca MEGA PAZZAZ Mango Twist Portulaca MEGA PAZZAZ Orange Portulaca MEGA PAZZAZ Pink Twist Portulaca MEGA PAZZAZ Purple Portulaca MEGA PAZZAZ Red

Portulaca PAZZAZ Apricot

Portulaca PAZZAZ Bright Purple Portulaca PAZZAZ Fuchsia

Portulaca PAZZAZ NANO Candy Pink Portulaca PAZZAZ NANO Fuchsia Imp. Portulaca PAZZAZ NANO Gold Portulaca PAZZAZ NANO Hot Pink Portulaca PAZZAZ NANO Orange Portulaca PAZZAZ NANO Orange Twist Portulaca PAZZAZ NANO Purple Portulaca PAZZAZ NANO Tropical Punch Portulaca PAZZAZ NANO Yellow Portulaca PAZZAZ NANO Yellow Twist Portulaca PAZZAZ Pink Glow

Portulaca PAZZAZ Red Flare Imp. Portulaca PAZZAZ Tangerine

Portulaca PAZZAZ White

Portulaca PAZZAZ Yellow Improved

Salvia SALLYFUN Bicolor Blue

Salvia SALLYFUN Blue Emotion

Salvia SALLYFUN Blue Ice

Salvia SALLYFUN Blue Lagoon

Salvia SALLYFUN Deep Ocean

Salvia SALLYFUN Pure White

Salvia SALLYFUN Sky Blue

Salvia SALLYFUN Snowhite


Sanvitalia TALYA Bright

Sanvitalia TALYA Great Yellow

Sanvitalia TALYA Sunny

Scaevola Pink Blessing

Scaevola Purple Haze

Scaevola TOUCH™ Blue

Scaevola TOUCH™ Indigo

Scaevola TOUCH™ White Strobilanthes Persian Shield

Sutera STARDOM™ Goldstar

Sutera STARDOM™ Pink

Sutera STARDOM™ Purple

Sutera STARDOM™ White Fusion Torenia Blue Moon

Torenia Indigo Moon

Torenia Magenta Moon

Torenia Purple Moon

Torenia White Moon

Torenia Yellow Moon

Verbena VANESSA Bicolor Indigo Verbena VANESSA Bicolor Pink Verbena VANESSA Bicolor Purple Verbena VANESSA CMP Bicolor Purple Verbena VANESSA CMP Bicolor Rose Verbena VANESSA CMP Bordeaux Verbena VANESSA CMP Deep Pink Verbena VANESSA CMP Lavender Verbena VANESSA CMP Lime

Verbena VANESSA CMP Neon Pink Verbena VANESSA CMP Optik Lavender

Verbena VANESSA CMP Pink


Verbena VANESSA CMP Rosa

Verbena VANESSA CMP Violet

Verbena VANESSA CMP White Verbena VANESSA Dark Pink

Verbena VANESSA Optik Grape Verbena VANESSA Purple

Verbena VANESSA Red

Verbena VANESSA White Imp.

Vinca major Major High Color

Vinca major Major Maculata (Green) Vinca major Major Variegata


Calibrachoa Ombre Pink


Talya Great Yellow


Petunia Capella Indigo Imp.


Calibrachoa Ombre Sunrise


Littletunia Bright Red


Brachys. Fresco Candy


Scopia Gulliver Pink


Scopia Gulliver Blue Sensation


Musica Pink Aroma

Musica Pure White

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