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Crypthantus & Agave

S U C C U L E N T S 

Agave americana 'Mediopicta'.jpg
Agave americana 'Mediopicta Aurea'.jpg
Agave desmetiana 'Ivory Star'.jpg
Agave desmetiana 'Joe Hoak'.jpg

Both Crypthanthus and Agave are exceptional house plants that are both bold and exotic and very easy

to grow and keep alive for the consumer and grower alike.

Agave ame. 'Mediopicta'

Agaves desmetiana 'Silver Star'.jpg

Agave ‘Silver Star’

Agave 'Mediopicta Aurea'

Agave lophantha Super white.jpg

Agave ‘Super White’

Crytanthus bivittatus 'Ruby Star' (Neon).jpg

BlackCryptanthus ‘Ruby Star’

Crytanthus bivittatus 'Ruby Red'.jpg

Cryptanthus ‘Ruby Red’

Agave ‘Ivory Star’

Agave Iophantha green 1.jpg

Agave Iophantha 'Green'

Crytanthus fosterianus 'Elaine' (Tiger).jpg

Agave ‘Joe Hoak’


Agave ameri 'Mediopicta Alba' Agave ameri 'Mediopicta Aurea' Agave desme 'Joe Hoak'

Agave desme 'Ivory Star'

Agave desme 'Silver Star'

Agave filifera var. compacta Agave hybrida 'Burnt Burgundy' Agave isthe 'Mediopicta'

Agave isthe 'Mediopicta Gold' Agave Iophantha 'Green'

Agave Iophantha 'Quadricolor' Agave Iophantha 'Super White'


Cryptanthus arelii 'It'

Cryptanthus biv ‘Pink Starlight' Cryptanthus biv ‘Ruby Red’ Cryptanthus biv ‘Ruby Star’ Cryptanthus foster 'Elaine' Cryptanthus zon 'Zebra Star'

Cryptanthus fost. 'Elaine'

Crytanthus bivittatus 'Pink Starlight'.jpg

Pink Starlight’

Agaves isthemensis 'Mediopicta'.jpg

Agave isth. ‘Mediopicta’

Agave lophantha 'Quadricolor'.jpg

Agave iophantha‘Quadricolor’

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