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Curcuma for Pot Culture

U N I Q U E  P L A N T S

Cherry Anna Princess Pink.jpg
Cherry Anna Princess White.jpg
Chiang Mai Pink.jpg
Chiang Mai Red.jpg

Introducing our hand picked varieties of curcuma that are an ideal choice for pot culture. You can be rest

assured these varieties will perform like no other when used for pot production.


C.A Princess Pink

C.A Princess White

Chiang Mai Pink

Chiang Mai Red

Chiang Rai Snow.jpg

Chiang Rai Snow

Doitung 602.jpg

Doitung 602

Lanna Snow.jpg

Lanna Snow

Red Chocolate.jpg

Red Chocolate



Solo or Daeng doitung.jpg

Solo /Daeng Doitung

Green chocolate.jpg

Green chocolate

Snow White.jpg

Snow White

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