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Curcuma Rhizomes

U N I Q U E  P L A N T S

Curcuma is an exceptionally versatile plant. With an array of colors to choose from our line of Curcuma
will do excellent in pots, or warm weather gardens or as an indoor plant in the colder climates.

curcuma 1.png

Ban Rai Red

curcuma 1.png

Jasmine Pink

Giant_ Khmer Pure Pink.jpg

Khmer Pure Pink

curcuma 1.png


curcuma 1.png

Impress 1

curcuma 2.png
Globba Pink.png

Globba Pink

curcuma 1.png


curcuma 1.png

Impress 2

curcuma 2.png

Curcuma rhizome

Globba White.png

Globba White

Pink Color

- Chiang Mai Pink / Alismatifolia

- Solo(Daeng Doitung/Giant Ruby)

- Doitung 602

- Red Chocolate

- Butterfly NEW

- Jasmine Pink

- Chiang Mai Red

- Snow Pink NEW

- Giant (Khmer pure pink)

- Maejo Impress 1 NEW

- Maejo Impress 2 NEW

- Chiang Mai light Pink NEW

- New Ruby (New Solo) NEW

- Choco Pink NEW

- Shiny Pink NEW

- Doitung Deep Pink NEW

White Color

- Snow White

- Maejo White

- Chiang Rai Snow

- Lanna Snow

- Jasmine White

- Yuki

- Banrai Sweet


- Green Chocolate

- Emerald Green

Mini Curcuma

- Cherry Anna (White)

- Cherry Anna (light pink)

- Cherry Anna (Pink)

- Siam Ruby

- Sakura

- Twister


- Orange Curcuma

- Banrai Red

- Laddawan

Siam Ruby.jpg

Siam Ruby

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