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Dianthus 'Beard'

U N I Q U E  P L A N T S

Dianthus Beard V.jpg

- Gorgeous Color Mix 

- Pot Plants 

- Garden Borders 

- Patio Containers 

- Cut-flower (no Pinch) 

- Continous Flowering 

*Seed for immediate dispatch available *Plugs available in Europe

· This Dianthus is an absolutely different- and exotic-looking plant.

· This is from seed and we can ship seeds year-round.

· 10 to 12 weeks from sowing to flower, depending on Temperature.

· Pinching twice makes the plant fuller and more compact

· Three seeds per plug is recommended

· Seed is a mix of colors · Hardy to 0 ºC = 32 ºF.

· Treat as you would do with most Dianthus, grow between 14-18 ºC or 55-68 ºF

· Flowers several months during summertime in cooler climates

· Avoid (very) high temperatures.

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