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Dracaena Massangeana

I N D O O R   P L A N T S

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Dracaena Mass Cane Set.jpg
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Dracaena Mass Appeal.jpg
Dracaena Mass Bonsai Stump 6 inch.jpg

The Dracaena Massangeana recieves its common name based on the upright growth and
beautiful, variegated leaves. Their tall height makes these ideal for display in living areas or
balconies in the right conditions. Their colorful variegated foliage makes an attractive addition

for roomy interiors. These plants enjoy humidity but not soggy soils.

Mass Standard

Mass Cane Set

Mass Corny

Mass Appeal

Mass Bonsai Stump

dracaena massangana.png

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· Large selection of canes, sets, bonsai and stumps  and combinations 

· Large Quantities Available! 

dracaena massangana.png
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