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G A R D E N  P L A N T S

amazing red.jpeg

Amazing Red

A very dark reddish/brown foliage that will grow to approximately 1m (3ft) in height, the foliage will curve downward at the tips.


Apricot Queen

Soft yellow and cream striped leaves that turn to an apricot color as they mature. Leaves will grow to 50 to 75 mm (2 to 3") wide and the leaves will grow to a height of 1.2m (4ft).

Some years ago we planted large areas of mother stock plants of a New Zealand native in Costa Rica. Here we grow some of the most attractive designer plants available for the industry: Phormium. With a wide assortment of varieties offering a large range of color combinations, this wonderful plant can make any border stand out and any planter come to life. We specialize in the production of Phormium young plants. We supply wholesale growers a liner that can be used to pot up into a larger container and grown on for future sale. Utilizing the climate we have, we can offer an aggressively growing Phormium ready for the next step in the production process.

Our Strengths are:

  •   Years of production experience

  • Quick, efficient and economical shipping

  • A great production climate

  • Re-rooted plant material, with no losses


HeQEutok (1)_edited.jpg

Evening Glow

Is an extremely attractive variegated Pink/Red with a dark edge. Older leaves tend to weep while the newer leaves are upright and erect. Leaves will get to 5– 6 cm wide (2-2 1/2"). Grows to a height of around 1m (3ft).

HeQEutok (1)_edited.jpg


Easy growing variety to 1.2m(4ft). Cream edges and variegation. Nice leaves to 50 mm (2").

HeQEutok (1)_edited.jpg

Golden Ray

Adistinctive upright variety with rich yellow and green variegation and highlighted with a orange/red margin on the outside of the leaf. Leaves are 5-7.5 cm (2-3") wide and the overall height will get to 1.2 m (4ft)



This wonderful variety with lime green and rusty orange variegation, grows to around 1m (3ft) in height and will weep. Foliage grows to 3-6 cm width (1 1/2—2 1/2”).

Pink Panther.jpg

Pink Panther

This striking rich pink variegated with red and bronze outer margins shows extremely well in partial shade, a slightly shorter growing variety that produces many fans, leaves will get to 2.5 to 6 cm wide (1" to 2 1/2"). Grows to approx 80 cm (2 1/2ft).

Rainbow Queen.jpg

Rainbow Queen

A strong growing variety with a rusty/bronze center and bright pink margins. Leaves can get to 7.5 cm (3") wide. Grows to 1.2 m (4ft) Grows well in partial shade.

PLatts Black.jpg

Platts Black

A very dark purple/black form with a very distinct arching form. Leaves grow to 5–7 cm wide (2-3"). The underside of the leaves are a dark grey giving a nice contrast on this 1m high (3ft) variety.

Rainbow Maiden.jpg

Rainbow Maiden

Apricot to pinkish red leaves with thin green margins on a gorgeous arching form growing to 0.6 to 1m (2-3ft). Leaves will grow to 3-6 cm (1 1/2 to 2 1/2"). A hardier variety able to tolerate temperatures of -7C (19F).

Rainbow Sunrise.jpg

Rainbow Sunrise

In between an arching and upright form, an attractive bronze/green with red and pink stripes, older leaves turn yellow, this variety does tend to revert. Will grow to 1 to 1.2 m(3-4ft).



A vigorous upright variety similar in color to Pink Stripe, will grow to 1.2 to 2 m (4-6ft). Wide leaves up to 100 mm (4"). Leaves are bronze/green with reddishpink margins. Maintains excellent color.

Phormium Plugs

HeQEutok (2)_edited.jpg
HeQEutok (2)_edited.jpg
HeQEutok (2)_edited.jpg
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