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G A R D E N  P L A N T S 

Parade® roses

Fabiola white

Feline soft pink

Lynn yellow/pink

Karina red

Lilia orange

Maia orange

Meri red/white

Tereza yellow

PatioHit® roses

Carola roze

Casja pink

Conchita dark red

Dafne deep pink

Georgia white

Hanna yellow/ orange

Inda white/pink

Juanna yellow

Kalyee red

Kelley salmon

Nikolina red

Olivia red/yellow

Bridget pink

Carola pink

Conchita dark red

Dafne deep pink

Georgia white

Hanna yellow/ orange

Inda white/pink

Juanita pink

Linnea yellow

Towne & Country® roses

Pot or Multitray

Basic orange

Excellent yellow

Happy orange red

Lucky dark red

sweet pink white wit

National Parks® roses Caerphilly abricot

Ecrins yellow

Gorgeous yellow pink

Grenada red

Luberon orange

Lublin orange red

Praque white

Sissek red

Trencin dark pink

Palace® roses

Ducal white

Eltham pink-white

Hatfield salmon/orange

Isla red

Linderhof light pink

Potala red

Raabs oranje

Tabor lavendel

Palace® roses Pot or Multi-tray Ajnda dark pink

Bogor pink

Brianna yellow

Ducal white/champagne Eltham pink-white

Fleur oranje

Hatfield salmon/orange

Isla red Kelley salmon Linderhof light pink

Potala red

Castle® roses Pot or Multitray Avila pink

Caerphilly abricot

Chambord crème

Coca light pink

Patras red

Reformation Rose white pink Castle® roses Pot or Mult- tray Louvre red

Kailani white

Patras red

Avila pink

Dover orange red

Reformation Rose white pink Bogor light pink

Fenis orange

Stockholm yellow

Courtyard® roses Pot or Multi-tray Eisa white white

Farruca red

Liwa orange

Mama mia light pink

Mapale yellow

Passilo pink

Redova orange-yellow Renaissance® roses Pot or Multi-tray Capricia red

Clair light pink

Ghita deep pink

Marlis light pink

Odelia orange red


Karina™ Parade®


Tereza™ Parade®

ROSES 2.png
ROSES 2.png
ROSES 2.png

These profusely flowering miniature roses in 7 cm pots remain nicely compact while constantly
producing new flower buds. Their small, healthy, deep green leaves are in perfect proportion to the
numerous stunning, double-flowered mini roses that cover the plant.

These Party roses have an outstanding shelf life, and their trendy good looks make them a must-have for everyone who

loves roses.

Hanna Hit PatioHit

Bridget Hit PatioHit

Georgia Hit PatioHit

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