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Stage 3 TC

T I S S U E  C U L T U R E 

stage 3 1.png

Philodendron gigant. variegated

stage 3 1.png
stage 3 1.png

Philodendron Golden Crocodile

Philodendron Burle Marx

stage 3 1.png

Alocasia Red Secret

stage 3 1.png

Philodendron Pink Princess

stage 3 1.png
stage 3 1.png

Variety List Lab 1

Aglonema Suk som jai pong

Alocasia Red Secret (10 F) Philodendron billietiae Philodendron branthianum Philodendron Burle Marx (mix color)

Philodendron Burle Marx Green Philodendron fibraecataphylum Philodendron Florida ghost Philodendron giganteum Green Philodendron giganteum variegated

Philodendron Golden Crocodile Philodendron Jose bruno Philodendron mamei silver cloud Philodendron Paraiso Philodendron Pink Princess Philodendron Red congo Philodendron Red Secret Philodendron Ring of Fire Philodendron Ring of Fire Var. Philodendron White Knight Philodendron White wizard Philodendron Bipennifolium

Syngonium pink


We work with laboratories across the globe to import these sought-after varieties and deliver them to
your doorstep. Working with several Tissue culture labs gives us the benefit of having a very long list

offering some of the most unique varieties on the market.

stage 3 2.png
stage 3 2.png
stage 3 2.png
stage 3 3.png
stage 3 3.png
stage 3 3.png
stage 3 3.png

Agapanthus orient black magic Agapanthus orient purple cloud Agapanthus flavidus snow ball Aglaonema (25 varities) Alocasai odora California Alocasia alba elephant ear Alocasia alba sarian

Alocasia alba silver dragon Alocasia baginda dragon scale Alocasia baginda nebula Alocasia cucullata bambino Alocasia cucullata polly Alocasia cuprea

Alocasia lauterbachiana Alocasia longiloba grandis Alocasia longiloba purple prince Alocasia macrorizoz varigated Alocasia macrorrhizos

Alocasia macrorrhizos stingray Alocasia micholitziana frydek Alocasia portei

Alocasia portodora

Alocasia pseudosanderiana Alocasia reginula black velvet Alocasia sara yucantan princess Alocasia scalprum

Alocasia wentil 

Alocasia xant mickey mouse Alocasia zebrina

Anigozanthos flavidus big red Anigozanthos flavidus black Anigozanthos flavidus yellow gem Blechnum gibbum silver lady Caladium maculatum (20 colours) Calathea louisae

Calathea orbifolia

Colacasia coffee cup

Colacasia hilo beauty

Cordyline australis kasper Cordyline australis kirki Cordyline australis new red Cordyline australis peko Cordyline australis red sensation Cordyline fruticosa caruba black

Cordyline fruticosa kiwi Cordyline fruticosa miss andrea Cordyline fruticosa negra Cordyline fruticosa pink diomond Cordyline fruticosa ruby Cordyline terminalis electra Dianella revoluta casa blue Dianella revoluta clarity blue Dianella revoluta destiny Dianella revoluta hybrid varigata

Dianella revoluta king alfred Dianella revoluta little jess Dianella revoluta little rev

Dianella revoluta tazred

Dianella revoluta uptoia

Dianella revoluta wyeena Dieffenbachia mac white etna Dieffenbachia seg green magic Dieffenbachia seg star bright Dieffenbachia seg PI01 Dieffenbachia seg PI02 Dieffenbachia seg PI03 Dieffenbachia seg PI04 Dieffenbachia seg PI05 Dieffenbachia seg PI06

Ficus benghalensis

Ficus elastica burgundy

Ficus elastica melany

Ficus elastica ruby

Ficus elastica shivereana

Ficus elastica tineke

Homalomena rub maggy Homalomena rub red Homalomena rub variegated Homalomena rub white Homalomena wal emerald gem Homalomena wal sunshinegem Hoya globulosa pink

Kalanchoe thyrsiflora

Liriope muscari just right

Liriope muscari samantha Lomandra conf kartinus delux Lomandra conf katis belis Lomandra conf lime con Lomandra conf lime tuff Lomandra conf little pal Lomandra conf nyalla

Lomandra conf Tineke

Lomandra conf wingara

Monstera adansonii

Monstera deliciosa

Monstera del thai constellation Monstera standleyana albo Ophiophogan japonicus Ophiophogan japon varigated Peperomia obtusifolia jade Peperomia obtusifolia lime Peperomia scandense Philodendron atabapoense Philodendron billietiae Philodendron bipen gold violin Philodendron bipin Columbia Philodendron bipin birkin Philodendron bipin birkin pink Philodendron bipin black cardinal

Philodendron bipin choco empress Philodendron bipin congo apple Philodendron bipin congo dwarf Philodendron bipin congo green princess Philodendron bipin cylon Philodendron bipin goeldii Philodendron bipin gold Philodendron bipin heather may Philodendron bipin hope Philodendron bipin imperial green Philodendron bipin imperial red Philodendron bipin jungle fever Philodendron bipin little phill Philodendron bipin luckity split Philodendron bipin mccolleys finale Philodendron bipin minima Philodendron bipin moonshine Philodendron bipin painted lady Philodendron bipin paraiso verde Philodendron bipin pink princess Philodendron bipin pluto hybrid Philodendron bipin prince of orange

Philodendron bipin rojo congo Philodendron bipin rush Philodendron bipin silver sword Philodendron bipin sun red Philodendron bipin super atom Philodendron bipin thailand congo Philodendron bipin white knight Philodendron bipin xanadu Philodendron burle-marxii Philodendron cordatum Philodendron cordatum lime Philodendron domesticum Calkin's Gold

Philodendron erubescens red heart

Philodendron gigantum Philodendron gigas

Philodendron gloriosum Philodendron lupinum Philodendron mamei

Philodendron melanochrysum Philodendron melinonii gold Philodendron melinonii green Philodendron narrow escape Philodendron orange splendor Philodendron pedatum florida ghost

Philodendron pinnatifidum olympiad

Philodendron pluto gold (golden serratum)

Philodendron squamiferum

Phormium tenax black beauty

Phormium tenax bronze baby

Phormium tenax bronze warrior

Pilea peperomioides

Schefflera actinophylla alpine

Schefflera amate soleli

Spathiphyllum wallisii maracay Spathiphyllum wallisii sensation Spathiphyllum wallisii sensation dwarf

Spathiphyllum wallisii sensation varigated

Spathiphyllum wallisii stephanie Spathiphyllum wallisii super petite

Spathiphyllum wallisii sweet lauretta Syngonium podophyllum batik Syngonium podophyllum mango Syngonium podophyllum neon Syngonium podophyllum pink splash

Syngonium podophyllum pixie Syngonium podophyllum robusta Syngonium podophyllum white buttefly

Syngonium podophyllum yami red Thysanolaena latifolia

Xanthosoma lime zinger

Xanthosoma lindenii

Yucca desmetiana

Yucca elephantipes green

stage 3 4.png
stage 3 5.png

Monstera Thai Constellation

stage 3 5.png

Philodendron mamei

stage 3 5.png

Philodendron birkin

stage 3 5.png

Philodendron gloriosum

stage 3 5.png

Philodendron Pink Princess

stage 3 5.png

Alocasia frydek

stage 3 6.png

Syngonium ‘White Buttefly’

stage 3 6.png

Philodendron ‘Ceylon’

stage 3 6.png

Philodendron White Knight

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